Gina Haspel and the Normalising of Torture

Preface by Claire O’Brien

Let this be where we stop them. Let’s go no further. We must hound Haspel relentlessly, daily, making it impossible for her to function. Set up 24 hour protest sites as close to the Justice Dept, Congress, and the White House, her home and her church as we can get. Everyone who deals with her, every university visit, every lecture, every meeting, every member of her personal staff gets flooded with public outrage. WE SAY NO, WE SAY NO AND WE KEEP SAYING NO.
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by Kit

This all happened by accident. This isn’t who we are. We didn’t mean it. Honest.

Gina Haspel is almost certainly going to be the next director of the CIA. This shouldn’t happen, but it will.

For those unfamiliar: Haspel was deputy head of the Agency under now-secretary of state Mike Pompeo. But that wasn’t her first job. She also oversaw the CIA torture programme in a secret black-site in Thailand. In 2005 she was promoted (probably because she’s really good at torturing people), and was then in charge of the CIA’s global network of torture sites.

This makes her a terrible person, but probably quite a good CIA agent.

Just to be clear, this is not a theory a rumor or a smear. Nobody debates these facts. This was her job. She supervised torture camps.

The response in the press is pretty disheartening, to be honest. Or, at…

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8 thoughts on “Gina Haspel and the Normalising of Torture

  1. We’re very sick. Seriously. In a civilized society people like Gina Haspel would either be in prison or sweeping floors and keeping their insane thoughts to themselves out of shame. Instead we have an angry sexual predator/economic terrorist stuck in adolescence with psychopathic tendencies in the White House! We’ve allowed other economic terrorists to be appointed to positions in which they control our food supply, drinking water, air quality, education, foreign affairs (turning diplomacy into childish bullying)…

    It’s insane, but I’m going to try and keep my composure and figure out how to communicate to the hateful, knuckle-dragging barbarians who are feasting on fear and destroying decency.

    Sorry about the rant. 🙂 I love what you do. You are an angel.

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      1. You are right. I admire you greatly for your determination to communicate with them. I woder what level…they seem to have in common a relentless, lethal distortion of Judea-Christian religion. I wonder if those who have true faith could ever possibly be reached on a religious/spiritual level…I couldn’t do it myself but…anyway, that’s all I can come up with besides a revolution.
        Thanks a lot for writing XXOO

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    1. Yes. This is as far as I go. Only organized violent resistence will stop global genocide and the permanent ascendency of a ruthless ruling class. Americans thinking actual fighting back is for everyone except ourselves.,


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