Post-Colonialism: Four Visual Reports

REPORT NUMBER  ONE: “Let me out! I can’t breathe,  let me out!”


REPORT NUMBER TWO :” Um, sorry, can’t talk now.”


REPORT NUMBER THREE:“All these trade deals blocking my vision!”



      REPORT  NUMBER  FOUR:  “Huh? Oh, we’re cool.        Everything’s cool. Must have been a false alarm”         

   T   B Y  C L A I R E   O’ B R I E


6 thoughts on “Post-Colonialism: Four Visual Reports

  1. Audacious and hilarious. The American baseball cap and striped business tie appear in all four visual “reports,” symbols of two different faces of post-colonial America. The Mexican sombrero in the final two “reports” is a reminder of our historical connections (?) with our southern neighbor.

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    1. Wow, thanks! It’s about time somebody in my family recognized me as brilliant.
      So, whom do you think is smarter, me or David? Me or Ben?
      Oh, wait – me or George? Okay, he was smarter. But was he smarter than Rhiannon? Hmm…if not, that would make Rhiannon smarter than me …


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