Deport this!

9 thoughts on “Deport this!

  1. Hi Claire: You still amaze. I have no idea how one sets up such a great site. I publish my stuff on CounterPunch (Alex Cockburn was my benefactor, and I miss him). And also on Axis of Logic….check them out. I have three articles and artwork on Axis of Logic, and one article on CounterPunch in past month. Also a miracle that Paul is still functioning and I am still here! mlc

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    1. Mary Lynn! I absolutely promise you that although WordPress now has some pretty sophisticated capabilities, tons and tons of bloggers produce great blogs every day using just its simplest functions. The thing is, you can make a good-looking blog page on your first try, which makes you secure enough to move along at whatever pace feels right to you. Writers who deal with really substantive stuff (such as yourself!) often feel no need to publish anything more complicated than a photo/graphic and the text. Please go to and click on. It says “Get Started” or something. Then just take your time. You basically follow the arrows: you pick out your template, choose colors, click on a simple page that tell you to start writing at point X. If you want yr art at the top and I always do, you click on Get Media and it takes you to your computer’s photo files. From there you click some more, which creates your blogs\’s photo gallery. From there, you simply click on the photo you want in order to “insert into blog”. The pix will appear exactly where you left the cursor.
      If you can afford it, it’s worth it to spend – I think its about a hundred bucks – the fee for one-to-one assistance for a year. They contact you pretty quickly and are very patient. When things do go wrong, it’s more often that you need to switch browzers, enable cookies, or disable some of your extensions.
      But there is also a huge amount of advice archived for free. I was always too impatient to search through it.
      As you browze through blogs that interest you, make comments and follow other political maniacs like us, you’ll find that they usually follow you back.
      I will read your stuff tonight or tommorow. Do CounterPunch and Axis of Logic allow your stuff to be re-published?
      I have a more or less standing arrangement with Latina Lista ( – then type in Claire O’Brien in upper right search box). Unfortunately, I haven’t written shit in a while.

      P.S. Hey, thanks for your encouraging words.


    1. Aha! You again, R. Bacchus! What sort of trouble have you been causing lately? Speaking of trouble, a visit to your blog is high on my list of activities for tonight.
      You know, I always really appreciate the way you remember my medical situation. You never forget to ask. Thank-you.
      Things had really gotten scary when it finally became clear that Medicaid is not a national program, although billions come from the feds. Massachusetts, for example, has “more Medicaid dollars than we can spend right now”, according to its governor. New Mexico’s Tea Party governor, on the other hand, refused hundreds and hundreds of millions of federal dollars for several years. She is widely viewed as having made a corrupt deal with private corporation National Health, which rents the name Blue Cross from that corporation. Most poor New Mexicans on Medicaid have no idea that the real Blue Cross insurance that covers their middle-class neighbors has nothing at all to do with them.
      Rosalienne, I cannot begin to tell you the stories of horrifying medical abuse and neglect I have heard from my neighbors here in the projects. One man had a stroke and a life-threatening diabetic emergency at the same time. The local hospital kept him ONE NIGHT. He has no idea of the extent of the stroke’s damage, and only a vague understanding of what diabetis even IS. They sent him on his way with no insulin and no referrals.
      My neighbor had spent the winter sleeping under an overpass.
      And that’s how poor people are murdered in America.
      Oh. I got carried away again. Sorry about that, pal. Sometimes I think I might as well go on ahead into the mountains to begin building one of the many guerilla strongholds the Revolution will soon be needing. Everyone down here is getting headaches …something about how loud I yell. No one will watch the news with me anymore, which is a waste of my brilliant, although extremely loud, political insights.

      See you soon over at your place, good friend.

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      1. My dear friend, it hurts to know what you and your neighbors face without health care. When the insurance companies refused to cover me because of pre-existing conditions, I found help at the Venice Family Clinic. This privately-run, non-profit healthcare service was later pulled into the Covered California healthcare system with the introduction of Obamacare.

        In Brazil, I suffered for months from a herniated disc and know what nerve pain is like. With the help of a work colleague, I finally found an excellent neurosurgeon who removed the ruptured disc.

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