Stop the press!


I interrupt this program to announce that I’ve added text to my previous post, One Boy’s Pablo Neruda.  I knew you’d all want to stop whatever you are doing and rush to read it,

As always, I aim only to please, and remain your humble and deeply modest servant.

Heh heh heh… or, as they say in Central America !JaJa Ja!


6 thoughts on “Stop the press!

    1. Well, you could at least have liked it a dozen times! (-:
      XO Yr pal.
      PS I’m sorry, I haven’t been visiting anyone. I’ve had a prolonged Hard Time. But will come and “see” you soon.
      How many American refugees do you suppose Teresa M. will take in?

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      1. I hope this reaches you before any American refugees wash up near your home.
        Don’t allow soggy Yanks clutching little Patriots flags and crumpled McDonald’s bags to sway your common sense. Most of us will stick out like sore thumbs in your little country village. Rural areas are the dumbest places to try and blend in. No, you must avail yourself of that national stiff upper lip and send your American supplicants to the closest big city. They’ll be fine after a snack and a nap. Manchester, Liverpool, London, um..Coventry? Worcester, Bath? Bathtub! They can blend into a crowd somewhere. Anarchists, who are actually lighthearted and always up for a game of anything, are creating refugee centers and children’s schools in most big European urban centers.
        XO yr pal, claire
        Oh. I suppose that leaves out coventry.

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