3 thoughts on “LAST VFW, LAST DESERT

    1. Well, you darn immigrants better learn every single aspect of American history even though we could not tell you to save our live whether Guyana is a possession of the Marshall Islands or a Transcendentalist Community near Walden Pond. We ourselves have a dim understanding of U.S. History, roughly arranged around perhaps five general themes. Let’s see.. the Pilgrims, then we beat the Redcoats, freed the slaves, won the West, saved Europe, got all the money and have been in charge of the world ever since.
      But Earth has so many..well, foreigners, and thev’ve never properly appreciated us.

      Oh yeah, now we back to saving the world again.

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      1. I’m still in the process of reading Howard Zinn’s rather dense “A People’s History of the United States.” After completing eleven chapters (ending with the 1896 election), I’ve come to the conclusion that very little has changed in our place within the overarching system of governance and control.

        After 120 years, we the 99 Percent are still trapped in a continual loop of struggle for equality and justice. At some point in time, the entire system, unable to sustain itself, will implode. We would be left with that “Last Desert” in the above mural.

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