Eléctrica in the Desert


America’s historic genius for defusing threats to its power by incorporating them into popular culture is nowhere more evident than in its transparent  appropriation of social media,  routinely trumpeted as  a revolution of egalitarianism and democracy.

That characterization alone should give us great pause.  Since when has the United States pursued any avenue re. its status quo to which the word “revolutionary” may be reasonably applied? And why, of all times, would it start doing so now?  Never before has the global elite so freely displayed the brutal fist of its true hand,  nor staked a more deadly agenda on the failure of  the American people to act.

We haven’t let them down.


We have tweeted, googled, blogged, texted, emailed, face booked, and instagramed our way through a progression of atrocities, any one of which would  have propelled  millions into the streets  and jails not all that long ago.

Over on…

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