¡Nunca más!

Eléctrica in the Desert

ClownMy father could never forget what happened in that school , and that is why he didn’t allow me to learn Spanish

¡Nunca  más, Papi!


No más vergüenza. Sólo orgullo.

Aprendizaje sólo alegre.

Si nuestros hijos no aprenden,  no los puede enseñar


Never again, Papa!

No more shame.  Only pride.

Only joyful learning.

If our children do not learn,  you may not teach them.



C L A I R E     O’B R I E N

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4 thoughts on “¡Nunca más!

  1. We should rejoice in our diversity: language and culture included. When we look around us in the natural world, we see that diversity is the order of life. There are 900,000 different kinds of living insects and over 400,000 flowering plant groups.

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