One Day, Halfway Through The Genocide

By Amira Hass, Haaretz Newspaper

The goal of this unilateral war is to force the Palestinians to give up all their national demands in their homeland. Netanyahu wants escalation because experience so far has proved that the periods of calm after the bleeding return us not to the starting line, but rather to a new low in the Palestinian political system, and adds privileges to the Jews in Greater Israel.

Privileges are the chief factor that distorts our understanding of our reality, blinding us. Because of them, we fail to comprehend that even with weak, “present-absent” leadership, the Palestinian people — scattered in its Indian reservations — will not give up and will continue to find the strength necessary to resist our malicious mastership.


The Palestinians are fighting for their lives, in the full sense of the word. We Israeli Jews are fighting for our privilege as a nation of masters, in the full ugliness of the term.
That we notice there’s a war on only when Jews are murdered does not cancel out the fact that Palestinians are being killed all the time, and that all the time we are doing everything in our power to make their lives unbearable. Most of the time it is a unilateral war, waged by us, to get them to say “yes” to the master, thank you very much for keeping us alive in our reservations. When something in the war’s one-sidedness is disturbed, and Jews are murdered, then we pay attention.


kill/#sthash.ueG4CQRI.2OnjZ1Qx.dpufread more:


IDF Soldiers Given License to Kill
 Gideon levy,  Haaretz Newspaper


IDF soldiers are called on to kill Palestinian children.  Nothing bad will happen to you, they are told, if you tear the body of a fleeing Palestinian teenager to shreds by firing three bullets at him from short range – your commanders and Yair Lapid will cheer you. Shoot the stone throwers with no fear, shoot anyone suspicious, as long as he is Palestinian.

The rules of engagement are updated accordingly. With the IDF  shamelessly issuing licenses to kill signed by the Military Advocate General, what is permitted to the Binyamin Division commander is now permitted to any soldier.

Thus, there is no longer any need to deceive the public with the farce of investigating soldiers charged with executing children.



See more at: israeli-army-giving-soldiers-license-














10 thoughts on “One Day, Halfway Through The Genocide

    1. You know, I’m not even Jewish and I think I had to first hear it from a Jewish person. It’s complex, but close to half my family is Jewish and, like, 15 years ago I used to argue with my Jewish stepmother who was very opposed to the Israeli Zionist regime. While I, the shiksa, defended it. Now, it’s very frightening to see the grip that ideology has on a people who know deep in their bones what it is to be oppresed.

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  1. Hi Claire,

    Another brave post that shows your dedication and the courage to endure opprobrium from the crowd for whom Israel can do no wrong, and for whom American neocons can’t, either. I purged a lot of my stuff on MH17 and a victim of that (unwittingly) was an early, beautiful exchange of long comments with you. A friend in the twitter sphere prompted me to search for the post to back up a responding tweet and I couldn’t find it. I had put it on “pending review.” It’s now back up, with the comment exchange.

    Again, thanks for your long-standing support in a difficult, shared, opposition to things that are glaringly clear to us. I am much the wiser and stronger for knowing you.

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    1. Hi Myti,
      My heart goes out to greet you. I feel much as you do. Please forgive the delay. I am going through more than I can describe right now. But I am coming back to spend time on your beautiful comment after I get some sleep. Its, like, 4am or something here. Sending you a hug

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