Five Hundred Followers, or Claire’s Comedic Genius takes a Bow


Hallo, all! Have some cake.

I’ve been thinking – now that Electrica in the Desert has 500 followers, we could start a cult! I hadn’t given much thought to who would make the best leader, but – what? You say you want me? That’s one vote: I accept.

Bow down before me.

Hey, get back here, everyone! The doors are locked, so you might as well relax. I didn’t say it HAS to be a cult. Good grief, a minor proclivity for Divine Rights never hurt anyone.



Say, what about finance? For a modest $1,000 each, we’ll have $500,000 to invest. Just make your checks out to me – I might as well collect them now. I know people at a couple of Hedge Funds, and it will be a lot simpler if I handle everything. One less thing for you to worry about.

Me? A Communist? I don’t recall that information. Oh, but you do?Well, I’m not a real  communist anyway, more of a socialist-Marxist or prehaps a Marxist-socialist.


No,I don’t see any inconsistency there.

But you do, eh? Still?  Prehaps you’ve been reading too much Trotsky on a full stomach, then.  Ayn Rand, you say?

Oh my, is..I mean, is that still allowed?

I mean what I meant to say, yes of course, is that these are Cuban hedge funds with offices right in downtown Habana…yes, that does change things, doesn’t it?  Quite all right, then.

What’s that?

No I still have no names to provide. I don’t recall. I still don’t have that information.



Well, I see it’s getting late, so I’ll adjourn the meeting now. No need to decide right away. Only, do give some thought to joining a small, private army – what’s that? Why, mine of course. A force of 500 could be very effective, but small enough to conceal if one had the acreage…

What, all of you already say no?

I see. I wonder if I could trade you in to WordPress for 500 different followers.

You know, it isn’t nearly as much fun having 500 followers as I thought it would be. I remember the carefree days when there were only 499 of you as if it were yesterday.

Oh wait. That was yesterday.

Ah, that was a simpler time…


500 Follows!



17 thoughts on “Five Hundred Followers, or Claire’s Comedic Genius takes a Bow

  1. Congrats from an old-time follower and friend : )
    Thank you for fighting the good fight, dear Claire. Hope you are doing well and your wonderful voice is heard by many more than 500 – both in and beyond the desert 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. do seem to have the sharp, discerning eye a cult leader looks for in prospective followers. (-:
      Everyone else refuses to join, though.
      It’s just as well, since I actually know as much about cults as you evidently do. (-:
      Perhaps, like reader and excellent writer Ellen Hawley, formerly of Milwaukee, you would like a small hedge hog instead.

      Go in peace, my son.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Congratulations on 500 Claire. With that number, maybe we could land on the beaches of again. And will bring along that beautiful Indian bill, and invest towards social and ecological justice. Always love your wit, and your sense for common good.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Your vision IS somehow more appealing than mine, Bruce…well, if you’re sure you don’t want to embezzle the hedge fund, okay – I’m with you!
      Seriously, thank-you for seeing that my true heart yearns towards peace – and for reminding me of that, brother.

      Thanks also for laughing at my smart ass humor. I’m convinced I’m hysterical – and if I’m delusional instead, I’d rather find out later on.

      I hope everything is well with you and Francis and the rest of your family.
      I’ll be over for a visit soon.

      Peace Out.

      Liked by 1 person

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