La Cuarta Guerra Mundial


“To those who that night put their rucksacks and their history on their backs, to those who  took lightning and thunder into their hands, to those whose boots were shod with no future, to those who covered their faces and their names, to those who, without asking anything in return, died in the long night so that others, everyone, on a morning still to come, will be able to see the day as it should be seen, that is to say, from the front, standing, and  with an upright gaze and heart.

“For them we cry, Freedom! Freedom! FREEDOM! May our steps be as great as our dead.”

(Former) Subcomandante Marcos, leader of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN)


El Rincón Zapatista y la Cafetería Comandanta Ramona invitan a la proyección del documental: “La Cuarta Guerra Mundial”; como parte del Ciclo Las Cabezas de la Hidra

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