Finally! An Accurate World Map



14 thoughts on “Finally! An Accurate World Map

    1. Uncanny isn’t it?
      And normal! Just plain normal reality, like it’s always been.

      I don’t what some of these countries with names I can’t remember are squawking about.

      Hey, thanks very much for the reblog!


      1. I’m thinking wombats instead of roos, the people variety not the animals. I saw a photo of someone in the US with a pet kangaroo (illegally of course) – it died. It turns out that ‘roos cannot live on Happy Meals.

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      2. That’s the ticket – human wombats it is.
        Just the image of that kangaroo, hopelessly far from home, trapped as an American pet, made my stomach shrivel. If only I could be an evil dictator for just long enough to terrify the world into LEAVING ALL ANIMALS ALONE FOREVER.
        It was so nice talking to you today. My absence = just hanging on.

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