North Brother Island, New York City

The institution is crumbling and the island is uninhabited.




Wilbur and Orville

10 thoughts on “North Brother Island, New York City

      1. Cool! Just don’t post (or trot or gallop) on a horse, har har.
        Sorry about that dumb horse and buggy idea of mine – I actually did read about it somewhere, but…oh, never mind (-:


    1. I see what you mean Sean. I’ll do some more. My excuse is that I feel like shit most of the time…constant fatigue and still on the waiting list for surgery. But I have a feeling that I’ll feel better if I force myself to do more work – so thanks, brother.
      I do know that NY state used to confine people with contagious diseases on North Brother Island, along with heroin addicts who were tossed in cells to withdraw on their own.
      The boys are brothers – the two strongest people of their weight class in the world. They have nothing to do with North Brother Island. That was just artistic license….I’ll be back with more real info, Sean!


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