Eléctrica in the Desert

My old Dad, George Gulick, was a poet with a keen political eye. Events since his death five years ago reveal just how keen his eye was.  Here, Mr. Gulick takes us back to 2004 and  a Vice-Presidential debate.

 I T’S  A  D E B A T E !

The one tonight’s Vice-Presidential.

Already given us are Aaron Burr and John Nance Garner;

Spiro Agnew: his less was more

than doubled groceries at the store;

Albert Gore, the more or less,

who lost his residential privilege near the Mall.

Incumbent Cheney’s condemned,

but goes Halliburton! and back

to keep his holdings

in Iraq intact;

versus the Senator whose smile

numbs May … into November.

So of Victor Moore, whose mores were the most,

let’s sing: the best man ever –

a Vice-Presidential toast.


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