Ya Terrorist Bums!

Stay out of our country!*

*Um, sarcasm


19 thoughts on “Ya Terrorist Bums!

  1. ? Perhaps you have taken the post literally, rather than understood my use of the photo as a device to mock American aggression. I will defend the victims of that agression with my life.
    If you did misunderstand me, thank-you for speaking up for them – theres too much silence in America.


      1. Okay, we need to fill out our anarchism selection. The West Coast/USA Situationists reached consensus on a complaint a week ago and finished writing it yesterday. Wow, it’s 3/4 of a page – they worked fast!
        Here’s Topic One: “Situation Means Everywhere: Respecting Culture in White, Heterogeneous, Rural Communities” Southern UK representing Western Europe
        Topic Two: Age as Situation: The Human Life Span Defines Changing Social Roles, Not an Affinity Group of Grad Students Defending Southwest Chicago From Police Violence”
        Oh yeah – they said to take your time and have it press-ready in a fortnight

        PS Don’t worry, the Youth will deliver the press. Get the cheap ink.


      2. I’m moving my reply up here since we’ve run out of reply buttons below. I can have your pamphlet in two weeks if I don’t bother to get my head around what the hell situation actually means in this context. Or we can go for the two-year timeline, where I stand a (small) chance of figuring it out. I’m guessing two weeks and pure invention looks better, right?

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      3. Um, you do know that you don’t really have to write anything, right? Because I’m going to be really pissed off in two years if I catch so much as a passing glimpse of the word situationism. After that, wait 12 hours after saying it out loud before saying ” syndicalism”
        I swear I’ll shoot somebody dead before I spend another 30 years explaining to Minnaepolis-St Paul that 19th Century urban growth is really not Murray Bookchin’s fault.


    1. Well, yes. Of a sort. They wanted religious freedom , certainly, but that essentially translated into political, ie economic freedom. All were wealthy men of substance, chafing against the aristocracy. Now, when you consider all the English and Scotch-Irish peasents who had been deprived of land rights they’d held for generations – THOSE were some refugees! I mean they were starving. Once in “America” they were literally owned for seven years by whomever had paid their miserable passage and they worked like dogs. But throughout the South, most never got the few acres of land they’d been legally promised when that seven years was up.
      I heard you’re descended from Methodists. Say what you will about them now (and you’ve got the right, lord knows!), especially the Misery, I mean the Missouri Synod – but when those circuit riders came blasting out of the gates and fanned out across the Midwest and South, they set the ruling class a-trembling: oh no, another camp meeting insisting on the egalitarianism of individual choice!! Yikes! And right behind them are a wave of fiery Baptists.

      Heh heh. Sometimes a Catholic like me really appreciates some trouble-making Protestants.
      It’s too bad that so much of that initial impetus was lost. But that’s religon for you!
      (Sorry if I gave a lecture. It’s one of my few faults (-:


      1. Worse! Also at risk are the best Lego peices, most perfectly broken-in pacifiers, oldest Arrowroot Biscuit crumbs, best tasting blanket scraps and oldest stuffed animal ears – the heart of Western material culture is under attack.


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