Brother, do you have the time?

Eléctrica in the Desert

unnamed (3) Rio Grande 3317 / Claire O’Brien 2012


Alberta’s exuberant discovery of her ability to transform a photograph into a painting was soon tempered by Buster’s usual skeptical expertise.

Three hours later,  Buster said” Okay, forget everything else. Let me put it this way,”   He leaned forward:

“It’s not a painting.”

It was just this sort of linear,  yet  decorative logic that never  failed to give Alberta pause. She hid a small smile of admiration by bending studiously over her laptop and squinting at its current photo population.  Recently, Alberta had resolved to develop and maintain a muscular and nimble brain via the mastery of chess – okay, checkers , or Battleship… maybe Clue – and to cut down on free verse, especially at night.


rest-stop-july-2-2012-2012-06-18-011 CLAIRE O’BRIEN / 2012


“Some of my photos are clearly nomadic and never  bother to let me know when they’re in residence,” Allberta mumbled…

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