Anarchism 101: Everyone shows up and the pancakes are not for sale

Eléctrica in the Desert

At home in this world with the Early Bird Cafe / CLAIRE O'BRIEN 2012


I met Robert Fisher and Karen Lewis last summer at a gas station in central New Mexico. A sheriff’s deputy had forbidden the travelers to hitch hike, while simultaneously ordering them to move on immediately.  Fisher and Lewis had just carried hefty knapsacks and sleeping bags across ten miles of searing  secondary asphalt. Worse,  they had done it without so much as even the paltry fifty percent shade quotient ordinarily provided at regular intervals by half-scale monuments to various Conquistadors. That’s a very long ten miles in our July desert.

Robert and Karen looked dehydrated, as well as more than a little alert to questions of quality control re. local law enforcement.

If not for the disgraceful gaps – referred to less kindly as chasms by more pedestrian perspectives  –  in my knowledge of  various significant American cultural trends , I would most likely have recognized Mr. Fisher. To many thousands of people across the nation and beyond,  Robert is the Rainbow Gathering Elder known more famously and simply as ” Early Bird Café.”

Although he grew…

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