A Monumental Man

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A young Muhammed Ali, Chicago/ Photo info unknown



15 thoughts on “A Monumental Man

    1. Xena, thank-you so much ! I know it sounds like a cliche to say I’m honored, but when I consider the community of voices connected to your blog , I AM, well, honored. I’m always struck by the ways in which your blog maintains both an uncompromising position re. oppression and resistence AND an authentic spirit of inclusiveness.
      Awards are awkward for me, and after bumbling a few, I decided I wasn’t cut out for the process involved. But I’ve decided to accept your nomination because it feels meaningful to me. So…Thank-you! I’ll do my very best.


      1. Claire, your kind words caused me to think of theme song from the movie Avatar and the line “I see me through your eyes.” Thanks so much for sharing your perception and kind words. My dear friend, take your time accepting the nomination. If it’s too much to nominate 10 blogs at the same time, accept the award nominating one other blog, then nominate others as time permits.

        You deserve it.

        Have a wonderful weekend!

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      2. Hi Xena, I’m going to find the Avatar song on Utube. I love that line. It reminds me of that old Velvet Underground song: “I’ll Be Your Mirror.” Maybe people survive in part by simply seeing, by reflecting one another in numerous ways that affirm and reaffirm. I guess there are times when the eyes of others is what keeps peolple going, because when all you can see is darkness you have to borrrow other eyes.
        “Hey, I see you! I see you! Take it from me, you’re here, all right”

        I don’t think I actually understand awards. Do you mean I can accept the award while nominated? I like the way you describe it, which doesn’t seem like a competition so much as people supporting one another. We anarchists go for that stuff! But I just want to make sure I understand you – that is, I can actually accept it, while continuing to nominate blogs – which means that they too are recieving awards. That’s cool!


      3. That’s a profound comment, Claire. Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

        Yes, you can accept the award by displaying it on your blog, then nominate 1 blog to pay it forward, and when you get time, nominate another, then another until you’ve nominated 10. Or, you can nominate as many as you want at the same time until you’ve nominated 10.

        You’re right too about awards supporting each other.

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  1. I saw him in the sixties, from a distance, at the Hotel Theresa, in Harlem. You know how he used to say “I’m so beautiful”? He really was. He was one of those people your eyes followed, whether you wanted them to or not.

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    1. Maybe in Europe…here, I think they were worn at least through the 1930’s? I remember thinking how cool they were – I probably would have worn them when I was in my early 2os if I could have found some!
      Thanks so much – and for your other beautiful comments too, Valerie. They mean a lot to me and I’m writing back tomorrow.
      Also, I’m sending you an email, my friend.


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