The Last Days of the Colony

2015-04-5--10-44-12 Claire O’Brien / 2015

Nobody wanted to bowl.

The court jester’s efforts were desultory, if not grim, and the tour buses kept breaking down in the desert. An abundance of vegetation sprung up where none had grown before, historic buildings sloped sideways, and tourists found themselves trapped in luxury hotels.   2015-04-5--10-44-12 Meanwhile, Love fluttered around like an anxious butterfly without a map, looking for a place to land, Yet, in the midst of it all, the three little girls beamed. 2015-04-5--10-44-12 Art by Claire O’Brien / 2015

8 thoughts on “The Last Days of the Colony

    1. Hallo, my Joy!
      Well, Journalism and I might give up on monogomy, It’s been hanging out with a bad crowd and coming home late, smelling suspiciously of Corporate Air Freshener.
      So I just might be available for a date with Art and Co, after all.

      Did Aliyah like the comics? Did you wear your New Mexico T-shirt? We are sending the State Tourism Police to check on you week.\

      Guns, Cheap Labor and Border Patrols: New Mexico: the Land of Enchantment


    1. Wow, now I’m getting a big head! I’m seriously flattered, Peter. I wasn’t even positive it counted as art.
      Thank-you, Couzin.
      I’m off to Versailles to get some more disenchantment.
      XO Claire


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