Black Activist Charged With Lynching

By diamond 1:38 am April 8, 2015 / From Alternet.

maile hampton







SACRAMENTO —  Maile Hampton, 20, was charged with

“lynching” for pulling a fellow activist away from a police officer during a recent Black Lives Matter protest in Sacramento.

Hampton was charged under an archaic 1933 California law that was created to prevent people from forcibly taking others from police custody in order to dole out vigilante justice.

Clearly the law was written to prevent people, most often black and Latino, from being murdered. But police are now using it to target anti-police violence activists.

“Based on how law enforcement has interacted with us and tried to get information, we know that they know that we are very intersectional in our activism and we are two young educated people of color,” Hampton told Alternet.

Hampton faces four years if convicted. The irony of a black woman being charged with lynching while protesting police violence is lost on no one.

Photo: Maile Hampton/Answer Sacramento Facebook 


7 thoughts on “Black Activist Charged With Lynching

    1. The charge so obviously won’t go anywhere that I tend to view it as a deliberate racist insult. I mean when you consider the decades of sheer terror when lynching shaped the lives of every Black American, this charge looks plain grotesque. I hope the NAACP or the Urban League sues Sacramento County prosecutor’s office,


      1. Every local government IS buried in lawsuits! Just check your courthouse – oh, wait you’re in the UK? I may be wrong about your country, then.
        Here, if prosecutions can be shown to defy the reasonable social basis of Legislative intent (in this case, the statute being passed during an international anti-lynching campaign directed at the USA), they can indeed be ruled frivilous. I mean they could so easily win with obstructing justice, interfering with an arrest, disorderly conduct etc. And the other protester was almost certainly going to be cited and released. So why this big deal?
        See, the state IS mandated not to make big deals over minor misdemeanors. So in that sense, it can be sued for racial insanity and stupidity if that insanity finds expression in discriminatory charges for black protesters.

        Still, I wonder if this could happen anywhere but in the U.S…… (-:


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