19 thoughts on “HELP!!

  1. There is probably dust or debris under it. Get yourself a can of compressed air and blow underneath all the keys. This is a very common problem with laptop keyboards that aren’t designed for industrial applications. 🙂

    Hope that helps.


    1. It’s a huge mystery that I can be as idiotic about certain computer basics and still be blogging. Thanks-you were right. I’d already pulled off the space bar in a display of immature impatience for which I’m now paying with a wobbly but functioning bar.
      Ironically enough, I can lay out a newspaper page and use Photoshop still do moronic things like absentmindedly try to download exlusively Mac apps to my rickety PC..
      Thanks again. Heading over to your other comment now.

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      1. Putting keys back on is a daunting task for even the most experienced PC tech (25 years in the business, I have stories…) I’m glad I was able to help. And while I can regurgitate a million useless facts, and write pretty acceptably, I can’t remember to put gas in my car. Sooooo, I’m with ya sister.

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    1. Thanks, Sean~ I hadn’t thought of that! I’ve got the spacebar going, although it’s now loose, but I’m having to bang on all the keys. There can’t be a piece of crud under every single key. I wonder if I inadverdently changed a setting a month ago. (Isn’t this fascinating for you?)
      My final thought is: why are laptops built so shitty?
      Thanks a lot for writing, S.A. Joyce. You know, I thought I was following you all this time.
      So,this explains why you’re not in my Reader. I wish I could be a Neo Luddite – that’s where you avoid technology and someone else maintains it for you. Har Har!


    1. Ha! I can imagine:
      Blogger: Well, you don’t have to yell.
      Rosaliene: I’M NOT YELLING.

      Seriously, I hope you got it fixed without too much trouble – sometimes it seems that computers malfunction in direct proportion to the importance of our task. If I’m just screwing around idly, my computer is in top form. But if I get a publisher’s nod for an article idea, the laptop, alerted by the microwave oven, immediately initiates an aggressive work slowdown, aimed at a strike.
      Monsanto, Google,and Homeland Security are behind this,
      I just know it (-:


    1. Thanks,Stuart! I took off the spacebar and there WAS a huge piece of crud. Now the spacebar is precariously balanced,as I can’t it to snap back in again.But it’s working!
      (I knew you were awaiting this breaking story with bated breath) (-:

      PSI’m probably going to delete this post – it makes me (not you guys – thanks!) look so dumb.


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