Vlad Zaycev


Yesterday I bought my first ukulele.

Today I had no mood. It seems to me that I am necessary to nobody.

I just take small guitar in my hands and began playing.

It seems to me that playing on the ukulele very easy.

I prepared for you the song Someone Like You.


I learned it. But I can’t play it.

And today I want to make you happy by my game. 🙂



Vlad  Zaychev is a young Russian musician whose blog is primarily a platform for his music. I found this poem in one of his recent posts when the sentence “Today I had no mood” caught my eye. 

Found poetry purists accept only exactly what is found, whether a road sign, a soup can label, a newspaper headline, a menu – or a  blog post. But I pull out the sentences that belong to a poem as  I see it. However I never change the order of the sentences. That

would  be cheating.

Found poems are poetry’s version of photography. If you’ve never done it, give it a try. You’ll start finding poems in very unexpected


Vlad’s Blog : 



Vlad Zaychev just turned 16 and lives in Siberia. You should check him out. He’s charming on a number of levels. Vlad plays classical guitar and covers songs far outside the genre. Although he’s still a beginner, he preforms  with an emotional intimacy unexpected in one so young. And FYI, this actually is the first time Vlad’s ever played the  ukelele! True, he plays it like a guitar, but hey, why not?

He recently tweeted “I am a handsome Russian boy!” – and you can’t argue with that.

When I asked Vlad for permission to use his material, he replied

“Yes, it is finite!” This so delighted me that I wanted to follow him around taking notes, but he won’t have to put up with that annoyence  because he lives in, well, Siberia. At any rate, Vlad will soon be too fluent in English to provide us with these gifts




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