Brother, do you have the time?

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Rio Grande 3317 / Claire O’Brien 2012


Alberta’s exuberant discovery of her ability to transform a photograph into a painting was soon tempered by Buster’s usual skeptical expertise.

Three hours later,  Buster said” Okay, forget everything else. Let me put it this way,”   He leaned forward:

“It’s not a painting.”

It was just this sort of linear,  yet  decorative logic that never  failed to give Alberta pause. She hid a small smile of admiration by bending studiously over her laptop and squinting at its current photo population.  Recently, Alberta had resolved to develop and maintain a muscular and nimble brain via the mastery of chess – okay, checkers , or Battleship… maybe Clue – and to cut down on free verse, especially at night.





“Some of my photos are clearly nomadic and never  bother to let me know when they’re in residence,” Allberta mumbled furiously to herself, while practically whacking the keyboard.

“Oh that’s nice. That’s a nice way to recruit volunteers for Painting’s Great Leap Forward  ” said Buster, looking over Alberta’s shoulder.

“Aren’t you going to do another one?” he added casually.



Buster absently ate a HoHo with bean sprouts and watched

as Alberta turned another of her photos into a painting. Into

what she just felt like calling a painting.

“Let whatever I call them be a poem,” she said.

Buster was quiet for a long time.                       

“I just really, really miss Che Guevara,” he said.

Alberta put an arm around her friend and instinctively looked at the clock. It was twelve, but neither of them knew whether it was noon or midnight.

DSCF7256 (1024x768) (1024x768)



Ernesto Che Guevara, Google Images



5 thoughts on “Brother, do you have the time?

  1. Profound and difficult, the not knowing. Thanks for the arm around the shoulder, for certain Claire. And even though many (or most?) Christians seem to forget (after the excess) that there are 12 days of Christmas until the supposed epiphany, by my estimation it’s not to late to wish you happy Christmas-tide Claire! Sort of like Che with his smile and his star.Viva amor y la justicia por la todo mundo… por todo la tierra!



      Dear Bruce, sometimes your comments move me too much to reply right away – that’s the plain truth, son.
      What I love most about this is your immediate assumption of the role of Buster. You knew I was putting an arm around, me, all of us when we feel so lost and maybe alone. For whatever moment (s) of our lives.
      Thank-you, good brother.

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