Ayotzinapa: I read and I share

dorset chiapas solidarity

Ayotzinapa: I read and I share

Written by Eduardo Galeano,

Translated by Danica Jorden


The orphans of the Ayotzinapa tragedy are not alone in their determined search for their lost loved ones in the chaos of burning garbage dumps and ditches filled with human remains.

Voices accompany them in solidarity, their warm presence stretching across the map of Mexico and beyond, including on the football fields where players are celebrating their goals by drawing the number 43 in the air with their fingers, in homage to the disappeared.

Meanwhile, President Peña Nieto, just back from China, warned that he hoped to not have to resort to the use of force, in a threatening tone.

Furthermore, the president condemned “the violence and other abominable acts committed by those who respect neither law nor order,” although he didn’t clarify that those miscreants could be useful in the fabrication of threatening speeches.


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