Genius came early to Flatbush that year




“I tell you Alfonso, Flatbush be damned – the world  is our oyster”

“I couldn’t agree more. Our form is absolutely exquisite. One performance with Katherine Dunham will put the dance world at our feet.”

“Meanwhile, I refuse to dance the polka ever again.”



15 thoughts on “Genius came early to Flatbush that year

  1. Delightful post full of awareness. Teaching can keep us so wholly present to others for so long that it is a remedy for any troubles we might have entered the school with.


    1. It’s really true! I think I would have gone into regular full-time teaching were it not for the fact that a Masters in U.S history and a BA in European didn’t qualify me to teach 11th graders. College sophomores, yes, high school sophomores, no!


  2. Sorry all – if this lands where indicated, then the reply directly below it was written in response to Johan (who’s thinking) – a comment well down, if not all the way down, the page. I have no idea why this happens – there was literally no other Reply to click on, and it was right below her comment.
    Can anyone explain this to me? Yes, I’m aware that I’ve clearly overlooked something basic and obvious. (-:


  3. Oh, Johann – there you are. Please forgive my criminally long delay. I love getting comments and I don’t get a ton of them, so my tendency to lose track of one or two makes no sense. At least I can promise you that it certainly wasn’t intentional.
    And I shall be back very soon with a response to what you wrote, rather than blabbing on re. some uninteresting info about me.
    (My cats have begin scratching me in frustration because their dinner has been delayed for so long that their universe has begun to tilt)


    1. I bet if it was more than five years ago, you got stopped and asked for a hall pass. (-: Hee,
      Actually, that’s a compliment, Cara! If I went back to subbing now, I’d probably be stopped and asked if I needed directions to the Senior Center


    1. Thanks Angela.
      I wish I could take credit for it!
      For me, it conveys everything that is the most authentic expression of being human and I feel a flash of joy. But at the same time I feel grief and rage,, because the forces looming over this sidewalk moment will act to destroy the most beautiful of human birthrights in just a few years.
      And the same forces do the same thing today.
      That is why I wanted to give these two perfect beings an extravagant agenda, an aristocratic self-esteem , and the world – as their oyster.


    1. It’s nice of you to comment. (sorry about the delay in my reply)
      I love those qualities in little kids too, But I’m unable to hide my laughter when they play House. You know that high-pitched, exaggerated voice they use to portray grown-ups? It’s absolutely hysterical. But they do not think so and when their patience expires they kick me out.(-:

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    1. That’s true! Years ago,when depressed, I discovered by accident that being a substitute teacher kept me both fully present AND wholly focused on others.I was simply charmed by adolescents, even the most disruptive – and they knew this even as I dutifully delivered the required threats.
      Adolescents find it hard to resist being thought charming. That was the entire basis of my classroom management techniques.


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