Teodora’s adventures in culture: a new chapter

Aviary Photo_130576223610670766

One day, Teodora decided to be an artist. Readers may be certain that this is old

  news, but a fetching surprise awaits those who persevere.


Aviary Photo_130573226633436793

“They appear identical, yet are  not,” she  pointed out to an imaginary audience,

 practicing early in the  unlikely event of  a  sudden lecture invitation.


Aviary Photo_130576199697838764

  At  6:oo PM, Teodora removed her new salmon-colored beret and began

chopping the last of the begonia leaves into a classic Autumn Desert Salad.   “Let’s

see,” she mused as she whisked a fried egg into a light dressing of Heinz Catsup,

“Tomorrow I shall manage a hedge fund.  Either that or tow barges up the

 Mississippi  River by tug boat”

 Aviary Photo_130576232951927314

Teodora  bit into a large begonia leaf and reconsidered as she chewed.

“On the other hand,”she remarked “Considering the current state of the fine arts,

 perhaps I should extend  my  contributions for several days, even a week…in any

case, it’s straight to bed for me”

Perhaps recalling her general ignorance of the fine arts, Teodora had slipped off

her stool before completing this sentence,  and was halfway down her bedroom

 hall as the  last hint of her plans drifted back to the kitchen.




“Theatre .. Century .. American novel…



A long pause:


We can only  pray that our young heroine develops an intense interest in

industrial hygiene before tomorrow morning.



Photos/ Paintings / Text / Claire O’Brien  © 2014


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