Mexico’s most astonishing interviews

You represent one of the best sources on Mexico I have encountered. It’s more than your knowlegeble choice of topics – your writing voice perfectly balances an authoritative depth of feeling with the kind of restraint and broader perspective that gives that depth its power. You won’t flinch from a horror of human suffering in which the US is inextricably bound, but you also won’t allow Mexico to be defined by either suffering or America. There’s a whole lot more to the nation -complex, huge, beautiful. Also, if something is funny , you’re going to laugh, albeit in that wry British way…

The Mexican Labyrinth

Impunity is a persistent theme in Mexican society. It has been manifest everywhere from the courts and elections, to the recent massacre in Guerrero. Many Mexicans are suspicious of the two major TV networks, Televisa and Azteca, whose bland and polished coverage has led not just to accusations of bias, but to allegations of secret deals with political parties.

Yet there are some journalists, such as Carmen Aristegui and Jorge Ramos, who have established a reputation for rigorous reporting in the face of considerable pressure for conformity. Here are five occasions when key Mexican figures have come under scrutiny, and faced the questions that they are so keen to avoid.

1. Future President Enrique Peña Nieto forgets how his first wife died

For more than two years, there was speculation and rumour surrounding the early death of Monica Pretellini, the first wife of then Governor Enrique Peña Nieto. The magazine

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