Migrants snared in multi-million dollar kidnap racket on U.S.-Mexico border


Mexico Institute

10/13/14 Reuters

gr-mexico-immigrants-624Tens of thousands of Central American migrants are being kidnapped, abused and extorted by Mexican gangs just yards from the United States in a growing racket that may be worth up to $250 million a year. Arriving in ragtag border towns like Reynosa, Mexico’s migrant kidnapping capital where police in armored vehicles patrol the streets and daytime shootouts are commonplace, migrants are picked off buses by gangs who federal authorities say are in cahoots with local officials. They are then held captive in small houses packed with dozens of fellow migrants, where they are ransomed for up to $5,000 a head. Women who cannot pay face rape, while men risk beatings and conscription into gang ranks, police say.

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One thought on “Migrants snared in multi-million dollar kidnap racket on U.S.-Mexico border

  1. Seems to be an international form of border control. I watched a documentary called “like a man on earth” in 2010, which spoke of similar happenings to people from Africa trying to get to Italy…kidnapping, slavery, abuse. It’s quite terrible! But nation states and borders mean exclusion and xenophobia. Perhaps the way to go is to show nations as immagined (constructed) and the rituals which uphold them as discourses or texts which are not the only way of viewing reality? Human rights violations over access are shocking!


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