A night of Chican@ literature


Community activists with heart, spunk and vision.


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Although I missed the boat on the  great event below (my  apologies to all!), I decided to post it anyway as an example of the many ways in which Tu Libro combines community literacy, literature, culture, politics and resistance.

Georgina  Perez

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La Revista Paso del Rio Grande del Norte invites you to “A Night of Chican@ Literature” in
 celebration of IndigenousCommunities and Diversity
This Friday, October 10th at Cafe Mayapan, 6:30pm
Performances include Danza Azteca Omecoatl, Wise Latinas, Chican@ Writers, and more… in English, Spanish and Spanglish

In Lak’ech Ala K’in

   Georgina Cecilia Perez
EmpowerLove. Educate.
Mercado Mayapan located to the side of the restaurant

Mercado (Market) Mayapan, which houses Cafe Mayapan along with numerous other vendors. Nearly every Mexican village and town has an outdoor mercado of some kind, and cities have several. Only several miles from Mexico, the Mercado Mayapan is El Paso’s indoor adaptation of the traditional.

Café Mayapán is more than just a restaurant. It’s part of a nonprofit organization that provides job training and neighborhood revitalization. Housed in an old El Paso warehouse, the Cafe employs workers who were displaced when that factory closed. Next door is a mercado, selling arts and crafts, and several community organizations are housed elsewhere in the building.


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6 thoughts on “A night of Chican@ literature

  1. No, I don’t send to them. They don’t need any white Americans, trust me (-: It’s your voice they want to hear. I think your age,your location, being a student – maybe these will all add something
    You can use either language – they are all bilingual. But still, their hearts speak in Spanish, you know? I think they switch languages for the audiences, in order to make sure everyone feels included. So each work gets tossed from Spanish to English to Spanglish.

    First maybe go their sites? – I think the blog post has links- and see which group feels best to you.

    Hey, you could video…or what’s the thing everyone uses? My mind went blank.
    Anyway, you get the idea!


      1. No, sorry. I mean yes, on my blog. I was going to say it drives me absolutely crazy that my laptop WAITS until I have finished a long comment and then deletes it. In fact, my hatred for this computer has become personal. That can’t be a good sign…anyway, I was telling you that you could probably become a part of one of the groups that performed at Chican@ Literature. I don’t mean travelling up to El Paso. I mean by emailing them an introduction to yourself and including your best stuff. One of them could read it for you. I say this because I know they see both sides of the border as one tradition on the same path. A path that separates and comes together and runs side by side and…also I think they will like to have the added experience of someone from the interior, (Don’t quote me on this- nobody likes a big-mouth gringa)

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oooh, they do accept works from here? Hmm! Maybe I could contact them, indeed! I actually never knew this group existed, but it would be interesting to–no, wait, would they read it on Spanish, or a translation is needed too? 😯
        In fact, have you also sent works to them? 😯


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