El  Paso   Tear  down that wall !  Juarez

     100 TPC 2014 ~ FLYER  JPEG

Π ⊆ Π ⊇ ⊆ Π ⊆ ⊇ Π ⊆ ⊇ Π ⊆ ⊇ Π ⊆ ⊇ Π

100 TPC 2014 PR  JPEG

100 TPC 2014 ~ Program JPEG



  1. Thanks for this. Only urgent, non-violent, grassroots activism will bring about the rapid response and sensitive, worldwide coöperation needed to mitigate the suffering that climate change will bring about.


      1. Can’t say that I’m a purist on the doctrine of non-violence either, though I admire Ghandi, Albert Schweitzer, King et al. And the oppression of privilege and the status quo constitutes extreme, pernicious violence. Never forgot Woody Guthrie’s great song, Pretty Boy Floyd, in which he refers to the farmers losing their farms via bank foreclosures during the depression: “As through this life I’ve rambled I’ve met lots of funny men; some’ll rob you with a six-gun, and some with a fountain pen but, as through this life you ramble and as through this life you roam, you’ll never see an outlaw drive a family from their home.” (Arlo’s rendition here:

        And thanks so much for your liking some of my posts!


      2. Hey, thank-YOU for writing them!

        You know, in the end a lot of pacifists are going to be forced to face some very hard truths because, as another man said:
        ” It’s a hard rain’s a gonna fall”

        Thanks for coming by and I’ll see you soon.


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