“May it be erased from the earth before foreigners imagine it”: unbearable loss in Java

Eléctrica in the Desert


This is a story about a young man, his grandfather, the very small house he lost, and the unbearable hole this loss left in the universe.

Acep Aprilyana  is a young Indonesian writer from West Java, living far from home in Nunukan, an island town near the Malaysian border. He recently left Burma, where he had found temporary work in a jungle plantation. Thousands of people have arrived in Nunukan looking for work over the past several years.

Like millions and millions of other people,  Mr. Aprilyana lives in a country that was çreated when a European nation forcibly occupied a region of the world and drew lines on a map to create a colony.

Acep is Electrica in the Desert’s oldest supporter life’s greatest heart, and justice’s favorite brother.

Many readers are already familiar with Acep’s work, both because he has allowed me to feature it several times…

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