Q.What makes the ACLU laugh? A. Your rights


The Neoliberal Non-Profit Hymn


We stand strong for human rights

                                          Just look us up online.
                                        Wherever freedom’s trampled

                                          We take freedom’s side.



But we can’t stand for human rights

 in every whacko’s name.

Justice can’t be handed out

to all who make a claim.


DSCF0425 (1)

                                  We’re the ones who know what’s best.
                                       we take the longer view:
                                How long would freedom last for us
                                      in the hands of bums like you?
                                         By Claire O’Brien 2014



 040-MOTION (1)


“What force on earth is weaker than the feeble strength of one?”

from  Solidarity Forever





6 thoughts on “Q.What makes the ACLU laugh? A. Your rights

  1. After the latest decision by the SCOTUS to refuse to grant cert to the constitutionality challenge of the NDAA, are there any civil liberties left? lol
    Preaching to the choir I know, but it’s a real travesty when the most outrageous cynicism passes as truth. Keep your head up my friend. Although we may not perceive it at the time, life has an uncanny way of steering us where we need to be.

    In other words, #@$%! the bastards!


    1. Well, it’s more complicated than that, but, essentially – yes. When I am able to bring my blog back (“closed for repairs”, etc, I will post a long article about the role the ACLU played in destroying my good name as a journalist, trampling over my basic rights in the process.
      In the meantime, I’ll visit your blog, Thanks a lot for coming by.


      1. Okay. I was wondering because I’ve always been a supporter of the ACLU. So I’m definitely intrested in hearing about your experience with them.


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