A right to a future means a right to a past/Chicanos seize control of their history


                         Θ DAY OF ACTION  Θ  DAY OF ACTION  Θ  DAY OF ACTION Θ

                                                          APRIL 8, 2014 ACTION: 



The Texas State Board of Education voted 11-3 to add elective courses to include Special Topics in Social Studies to include Mexican-, African-, Asian-, and Native American Studies. Cortez’smeasure had bipartisan support.

Author and activist Tony Diaz was jubilant over the decision. “This is huge, he said. “We came here for Mexican-American Studies and we actually got more, to benefit more communities. It shows that Texas can be a leader in education.” Under the plan that passed, any school district in Texas will have access to the state-approved curriculum. The state also plans to issue a call to publishers for materials, he said, which could benefit Latino authors and writers.

The vote was surprising to many, although momentum had been growing in support of the proposal. The school board of the Houston Independent School District (HISD), the largest school district in Texas, voted on Thursday to approve Mexican American Studies as an elective counting towards graduation. HISD joined other Texas school districts in approving the plan, as well as the Texas Association of School Administrators.

By Paul Reyes, NBC News


From Tu Libro:
 E-MAIL all of the Texas State Board of Education at sboesupport@tea.state.tx.us and in the body of the e-mail put: TO ALL TEXAS STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION MEMBERS (this will insure that all 15 board members receive the e-mail) and simply tell  them that you support the implementation of Mexican American Studies in Texas schools, and that this is important for the success of all Texas children, and the State of Texas.
This is in preparation for the SBOE meeting on April 8-9 in Austin where a vote is anticipated. There will also be a march and press conference from Cesar Chavez Blvd. & Congress to the Texas State 
Capitol on Tuesday, April 8 beginning at 9am
If you want to testify at the April 8-9 Texas State Board of Education meeting in Austin, you can register at:   http://www.tea.state.tx.us/index4.aspx?id=25769804082
Gracias for your support and action all day tomorrow. Mexican American Studies is important for the educational success of our children, not only in Texas, but throughout the U.S. 

In Lak’ech Ala K’in

   Georgina Cecilia Perez

EmpowerLove. Educate.





Banned in Arizona Author Dagoberto Gilb Joins April 8 March on

Austin for Mexican American Studies (M.A.S. ).


For Immediate Release:  
Contact:      Tony Diaz 
                     (832) 630-6007


  • 622x350[1]

    Tony Diaz/ Photo credit unknown

     Texas State Board of Education Can Mark 50th Anniversary of  Civil Rights Act by Ending Institutionalized Racism vs M.A.S.


Houston, TX (April 6, 2014)Mexican American Studies is banned in Arizona.Wednesday, April 9, the Texas State Board of Education (SBOE) can shatter the institutionalized racism preventing MAS from even officially existing in Texas

Dagoberto Gilb’s books THE MAGIC OF BLOOD and WOODCUTS OF WOMEN were part of the Mexican American Studies Curriculum prohibited in Arizona under HB2281.

This Tuesday, April 8, Gilb joins the state-wide coalition of MAS Texas to testify before the full board of the Texas SBOE in Austin telling them to implement Mexican American Studies for Texas high schools.



Wall mural, East L.A. circa 1970s

Tony Diaz, El Librotraficante, is the leader of the group that organized the Librotraficante Caravan to smuggle the books banned in Arizona back to Arizona. “It’s easy for Texans to say what happened in Arizona could never happen here,” Diaz said. “Well it can’t because we don’t have K-12 M.A.S. On the other hand, the demographics are different here. If the Republican TX SBOE members vote along party lines and shut down Mexican American History, I promise you Texas will turn blue a deep blue quickly, and without Latinos the GOP can’t win Texas and can’t win the presidency ever again. The vote on Wednesday will reveal the true heart of the Republican party.” Diaz is scheduled to testify Tuesday as well.



Activities for MAS Texas begin Monday April 7 with a Banned Book Rave at Resistencia book rave. That will be followed the next morning by a march on the Capitol, followed by testimonies before the TX SBOE. The SBOE votes April 9 on the matter.

Book Rave Party: Chicanos are the new counter culture.

Monday, April 7, 8 pm
Resistencia Book Store
Casa de Red Salmon Arts
4926 E. Cesar Chavez St, Austin, TX


            The Book Rave Party will feature mind-altering prose from works by Chicano authors banned in Arizona and music by DJ’s which will include the Librotraficante Electronic Music Anthem. This showdown with Texas discrimination is our “1968” Democratic Convention. The SBOE and GOP need to know the whole world is watching. #TWWIW

March For Mexican American Studies (MAS)

Tuesday, April 8, 9 am – 11 a.m starting at the Corner of Cesar Chavez Street and Congress, Austin, TX.

            Students, professors, activists, artists, professionals, and families will convene at Cesar Chavez Street and then march along Congress to the Austin, Texas Capitol Building, carrying copies of books by or about Mexican American writers and figures who have been over looked by history. This will culminate with a rally in front of Capitol Building, prior to testifying at the Texas Education Agency Building.

Press Conference and Rally & Public Testimony  

Tuesday, April 8, Rally 12:45. This is followed by testimony before the TX SBOE.
Texas Education Agency Building
William B. Travis (WBT) State Office Building
1701 North Congress Avenue
Austin, TX  78701

April 9: The Texas State Board of Education will vote on implementing Mexican American Studies as an option for Texas high schools






  p l e a s e   s c r o l l    d o w n 















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