Harvest of Empire 2- Social Media Invite

Understanding these issues should make every American feel a new responsibility for what it means to be an heir to conquest.

Anywhere near El Paso? Please come by!

If not, Harvest of Empire is widely available, and has also been made into a documentary that will knock your socks off.

THANKS,  everybody!


  1. I agree whole heartedly Claire, Harvest of Empire is a must. The omission of this narrative from the mainstream dialogue is a travesty. A large swath of the “educated” segment is clueless about the violent campaigns funded and supported by the government and its covert ops in the name of “democracy.”

    1. Thanks for that comment, H3nry J. My own efforts are pretty feeble at this point, pretty much amounting to pointing out the work, efforts, events, and writing of other folks. I figure if that is what circumstances allow right now, it is better than nothing.
      But you know – there is something so aggressive about the ignorance of the American people. It’s a willful ignorance, born of power – any peseant from Guatemala or Indonesia or Nigeria is more cosmopolitan, more globally aware than an average educated white American.

      1. When the highest office holder remarked, “They hate us for our freedom,” and was greeted with resounding applause, I realized just how pervasive the ignorance was in this country. But you’re right, it’s an intellectual apathy born of privilege.

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