If you commented…and the 11,000


Three red poles/Desert night           O’Brien 2011

Dear Readers,

All of you who have commented lately – please know how much I appreciate each and every thought expressed. Don’t think I take you lightly – on the contrary, I cherish you guys.

I’m just feeling terrible, bogged down with the flu and other stuff. I’ll be answering your comments ASAP. I promise!

I’m also proud to announce (you know me) Electrica in the Desert has passed its 11,000 mile marker – that, is, 11,000 hit. Halalooya.

18 thoughts on “If you commented…and the 11,000

  1. I also hope that you are feeling better too, actually saw these messages after I attempted posting you a larger message of invitation. Had not seen them. Trust you are on the road to recovery! Dorinda Moreno


  2. By logging in you’ll post the following comment to At anniversary of Zapatista uprising, rebellion belongs to all:

    Special to Clair Marie O’Brien, an Invitation for March 5-6, NMSU,
    Las Cruces
    From: Dorinda Moreno
    To: “Claire Marie O’Brien”
    Content-Type: multipart/alternative; boundary=

    Dear Claire Marie,
    I am a follower on your Electrica in the Desert blog. Thank you.
    And, when I read that you are in western New Mexico and at the border, I
    googled for a contact number till I found this. I am fortunate finding this
    email online and hope you receive
    this communication. Let me share with you that I appreciate your passion
    in the work that you do, and for this I feel you would want receiving the
    below to add your brush stroke and circulate with friends and kindred

    Me and a great grouping of colleagues have brought together two days of
    events in Observance for the classic film, ‘Salt of the Earth’ screening
    and panel on International Women’s Day, and I hope this profound scheduling
    compels your interest in attending. How could this magnet with such a
    valient history not draw your presence? Please consider saving the dates.

    I look forward to hearing from you with an RSVP and we shall be pleased in
    keeping you updated with the additional details soon to be announced.

    Dorinda Moreno
    Fuerza Mundial
    805 934-3884

    Estimables Friends of Film and the Arts,
    Please receive the below invitation for participating with a dynamic grassroots initiative honoring ‘Salt of the Earth’ of U.S./Mexican film history – a celebrated and banned film. Play an important role in bringing this film forward towards its l00th Centenario.

    It only takes the power of one to make the difference!
    For Cinema & Film
    Advocates, Students, Educators, Academia & Community Organizations and projects–an appeal to National Arts and Human Rights Leadership Networks: Pueblos en Movimiento Norte (FMG/ITCPM) invites wide public observance honoring the 60th Anniversary of Salt of the Earth, together with the International Tribunal of Conscience, join in presenting the kick off at NMSU, Las Cruces, International Women’s Day, March 2014.
    This ‘Call for Participation’, announces a series of events across the nation with focus on Chicano/Mexican/Latin American Studies, Women’s and Labor Departments, Community Cultural Centers and organizations: National calendar of Events is offered for listing events in solidarity.

    All groups are invited to join with this historic commemoration.

    View 1954 Classic film, link below for ‘Salt of the Earth’:
    FMG/ITCPM national campaign, interview of Dorinda Moreno by V. B. Price.
    You can see interview here on its own link, and also view the film on its own link.
    Benito Aragon, Publisher | NewMexicoMercury.com

    Additional Link for viewing an interview with Original Striker and Cast Member.
    Salt of the Earth (1954) participant Anita Torrez, Honorary Co-Chair

    Video by Brenda Limon

    For interviews contact: Dorinda Moreno, 805 934-3884

    ‘Out Of Dynamite and Darkness’: The Women’s Question/Ladies Auxiliary, shall feature Honorary Co-Chairs, Anita Torrez, Salt striker and original cast member, and Eva Bodenstedt, Granddaughter of Rosaura Revueltas, (only actor ever to be deported for being in this film which is in the Library of Congress registry for depicting Americana.)

    Support the campaign:
    Become a Madrina or Padrino, join with our cross-border collaboration keeping this grassroots initiative front page – launching on International Women’s Day at NMSU, Las Cruces, on March 5-6th, 2014.


  3. Waaaaay ta go!!!!!! I’ve just hit my twenty-ninth hit! LOL! I am going to celebrate the 30th! I am just NOT liked or it may be that I just have nothing of interest to read!

    Good on you! Next week, you’ll be at 22,000 hits and counting……!!!


    1. Shelby! Are you trying to say that something I’ve just tossed off like this thing is of more value/interest than one of your poems? That’s bull!
      There’s an answer to this mystery..I’m going to make sure I drop by more often and I urge others to visit Shelby’s site too.
      Shelby, do you use yr Twitter account to plug your blog?
      Hugs from Claire


      1. Oh Claire! Bless your heart! I’m not upset a bit. I love talking to myself. In fact, I think there’s a diagnosis for that.

        Really, I’m just glad to see your blog doing so well and I sincerely hope that you are too!


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