Zapatistas: twenty years after – Luis Hernández Navarro

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Zapatista 20th Anniversary

Zapatistas: twenty years after

Luis Hernández Navarro

1477594_560724937347137_1367570800_nIn the Mexican elites similar winds are blowing to those which blew 20 years ago. Much like Enrique Peña Nieto today, at that time Carlos Salinas de Gortari felt invincible. His project to reform Mexico in an authoritarian and vertical manner was advancing without major obstacles, and was being advertised as overcoming myths and historical atavism. He had already laid the foundations of a trans-sexennial power. His approval ratings in public opinion were skyrocketing.

The reforms to Article 27 of the Constitution, which privatized the ejido (commons) and opened the way to the land concentration in the countryside, were approved without major mishaps. The same happened with the amendment to Article 130, which granted political rights to the clergy. At the signing of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) an age of abundance, progress and prosperity was announced.

Salinismo believed…

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2 thoughts on “Zapatistas: twenty years after – Luis Hernández Navarro

  1. Thanks for reposting this. I have always believed the secret to the Zapistas’ success was to decentralize the leadership – instead of creating a few popular icons that could easily be picked off or corrupted.


    1. I agree! They have from the beginning empowered the people, including women, who were the natural leaders of their villages. They listened to the limits the people voiced on the degree of violent resistence they were willing to undertake.
      Thanks for commenting!


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