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I’m honored to be one of the recepients of Jeff Nguyen’s Jeffster Awards, and strongly recommend that everyone give his remarkably good blog ,Deconstructing Myths , a solid read.

I think I’m supposed to be more humble about it. I decided to proclaim my appreciation and pride instead: it’s been a long time. That’s about all I have to say, except that I promise to make mine a better blog, as it has been drooping of late.

To all the passionate big mouths out there: Keep speaking out! Cause trouble, get in the way, insert yourselves as cogs in every possible machine of destruction, expose lies, embarrass the odious, speak for the voiceless, take risks and stick together!

Love, rockets, peace, and revolution,



11 thoughts on “THE JEFFSTER AWARD!

      1. I, for one, am so very glad to see the good press your situation is garnering…Blessings. I’d like an autographed picture of you when accepting the statue.


      2. Well, it’ll cost you $50 bucks. Those pics are sure to increase in value over the years (-:

        Actually, I’ve gotten whatever publicity the sphere of Jeff”s blog influence has garnered. I appreciate it hugely, but in the end, the only thing that will help me is if it spreads – a lot. So, if you and others will follow the contact info to Democracy Now and re-blog, tweet, and re-tweet: that’s where my hope lies.
        Thanks for your comments and support, Theresa! I appreciate you!


  1. A million congratulations dear friend.. I honour you for your undimmed sensitivity, great courage, fine intelligence, incredible talent and utter goodness –
    a bundle of appreciation from the antipodes.


    1. I’ll take that as another award, Valerie. You are, in ways you don’t suspect, my role model. It’s true – and for once, I’m not going to add a smart aleck remark to obscure how much I mean what I say.
      Bless you for your own goodness, courage, wisdom and compassion – from the other side of two Ponds


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