Call tha Parole Board thiz Monday 11-4-13 4 tha Move 9

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Ona Move Everybody
Recently, The Move family and supporters of The Move Organization put out a public statement about the PennsylvaniaParole Board and their illegal actions in denying parole to the Move 9 who as of 2014 will be five years past their parole eligibility date.
Enough is Enough! The Pennsylvania Parole Board has illegally kept our family in prison under the orders of The Fraternal Order of Police and PhiladelphiaDistrict AttorneySeth Williams. We are not going to sit back and allow or accept this to continue.
Starting this Monday November 4th 2013 and every Monday until Monday December 30th, we are asking people to call the parole board hotline (717) 772-4343  and protest the illegal actions of the Pennsylvania Parole Board and how they are illegally keeping innocent Move People in prison who are close to five years past their minimum sentence
The Move 9…

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