“Hacemos el camino por caminando/ We make the road by walking”  Paulo Freire

Children in Oaxaca, Mexico, march to protest government violence against indigenous peoples. Each cross bears the name of a victim.


    1. I don’t think there’s much innocence left for the world’s children, Theresa. I sure hope there is. If not – maybe we can make sure its there for the next generation.
      I’m a huge admirer of the universal capacity of children to totally abandon themselves – completely!- in play

      It’s good to see you back! I hope it was a time of relaxation and peace,.


    1. Hmm…I think maybe it’s because that kind of entertainment helps to fictionalize violence, and thus Americans can distance themselves from it.
      I’m sure this is an incomplete answer…what do you think?
      What do other people think?
      Thanks for the question!


  1. Hi Claire, Thanks for reminding us there’s countries on the map besides the U.S.

    I’m still up for sharing your Mic check contribution…if you are. No worries, if you changed your mind or are busy. 🙂


    1. Thank-YOU, Jeff. I feel pretty humble, comparing this modest, tiny post to your impressive efforts.
      I was just thinking about you, and trying to decide which post to send to Open Mic, as I changed my mind about my original choice. I’m happy that it’s not too late, as I have certainly taken too long.
      Thank-you for your patience, And thank-you for your blog, which is a significant contribution and makes me proud to know you.
      Well, sort of know you, Here on the Web. Oh, you know what I mean….(:
      “Talk” to you soon!.


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