Check out new ending for: BIG FOOD MEETS NEW RELATIVES: ( a molecular encounter?…)


Go all the way to bottom for the new surprise ending.



the Murphy – Cliffords  decided they might turn down Jasper’s offer of genetically modified seeds and a new experimental growth hormone after all.

“I mean, how big does a squash really have to be ?” demanded Fred rhetorically, as he threw several into a bin,

before stalking off to frost a lemon cake.


“Not as big as my toy earth mover!!” replied Rob, gazing joyfully upward. “Can I drive them?”

His father briefly considered a two-day bath in the pond for the huge plastic vehicles before rejecting this plan with a thud.

“Let’s  go help Fred frost the cake,” he said.



  The prospect of cake understandably distracted Rob. It wasn’t until the following Tuesday that  



he noticed that his little orange bouncing ball was gone.


NOTE: This post was approved for non-classified/public access status by NPhil.36Rice.

Rations and transport privileges:  conditional for Sept. 2013.

Status update:

Information Access – Continue Banned, Level -1

Mobility – Decrease to Level 2/ Guarded.

Status of mobility decrease: Outcome on schedule – NOTE:

 Speciaized spinal treatment must be prevented.


Word count: 106



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