8,000! 8,000 WHAT?


      ♣  _________ BREAKING  NEWS !!!! __________

               COMING  RIGHT  UP!!  8,000 HITS ON ELECTRICA IN THE DESERT!  Muchas Gracias, Thank-you, Thanks, Thanks a bunch.

You know. Like, THANKS!


Addendum – If you go to the Comments,  please forgive the initial trio of three mug shots of me, accompanied by no text. No, I haven’t  elevated myself into the Governing Blogger Triumverate (sp.?).  I was only trying to reply to the last comment and it insisted upon being first, which would have made no sense. I still say computers have some kind of  independent global plan …





10 thoughts on “8,000! 8,000 WHAT?

    1. Here’s the missing reply, Claire; if I overstepped my bounds by posting it from my file, please delete; I mean no disrespect. At any rate, you can edit to place it properly (I think).: Thanks again, Sister Peace. I’ve noticed that I tend to avoid the blogs that mean the very most to me when I don’t feel able to do them justice – when I can’t summon up the carefully thought-out comments that their writers so richly deserve, I put off my response until I can return that gift to them. And then time passes…and soon too much has passed, and I feel more and more like an ass.
      I think the thing to do is to stop worrying about whether Claire Marie O’Brien looks like an ass – particularly given that this is a long-confirmed fact – and think instead about others, even those bloggers I view with dizzy admiration: then just drop in to say hello,”Hello and well done!”
      Thanks again, S.P. : you made me think.
      Now, knock that off. This is as peaceful as I get. 🙂


      1. Sorry Theresa – and everyone else – for losing control of the sequence of this entire comment section, as well as losing some of the comments themselves. I’m trying to get rid of Internet Explorer’s function as a browser, especially for WordPress. Jeez, it’s like having a steamroller rumble in!
        Anyway the above comment belongs at the bottom. It’s really mine, beginning with “Thanks, Sister Peace” Theresa found it and kindly re-posted it. Theresa, although it would be reasonable for you to have concluded that I was peeved, based on my delay, PLEASE be assured that I was/am not. I’m just overwhelmed by having to put out fires that lawyers should have prevented from developing long ago – except that I never had a lawyer. I recently discovered another Law Review article, shamelessly ignoring documented facts, and I had to rebut it myself or let it stand as a record – oh, I won’t babble on about it, as it’s totally off topic.
        Anyway, I guess my comment above speaks for itself, and it still, of course, stands as an expression of my deep thanks and appreciation.
        P.S., I hope you know my final remark was just another hysterical example of my sense of humor – now, remember, it’s the one you find so funny!


      1. Thanks so much, Theresa!
        Hey, I’ll take the 3,000! But you’re right, 8,000 is better.
        Actually, I have no comparative basis: I don’t really keep track of other blog’s numbers; I just read what I like in a haphazard way that I’m sure has left me ignorant of some blogs I’d love – and caused me to inadvertently neglect those I already love (while, ahem, keeping careful track of my own stats) I don’t think I even have a realistic sense of 8,000 as an indicator of success, but I have a definite feeling it doesn’t mean I should be getting a big head: I find I miss the ads that used to annoy me so – and only because they disappeared when my numbers dropped.
        Wait! I AM motivated by capitalism after all! Oh, DRAT…
        it’s never around when you need it.


      2. Some day I’ll have to have you explain about ads… I understand what you’re saying about not always catching the blogs that you’d like to keep up with; if I weren’t taking time off from work, I’d never get to any of them that are so meaningful to me, as is yours. So, every few days I try to catch up with their posts, especially when I cannot seem to write one of my own. Keep that sense of humor, Claire. It’s healthy for all concerned!


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