Hard to believe it was only yesterday


Another summer day in the desert.  Everyone in my town likes a front porch. Since we don’t believe in building inspectors here, everyone builds his own.  Peristent inspectors will find themselves spending twelve hours a day drilling small  holes in rock  in order to test the temperature of out hot springs.  Word has it, they’re not even warm.  We figure we’ll fill our springs with  the hot water we bring back from outer space.

Our SpacePort is almost ready to go!


Long ago, a cow died here. Cattle ranchers shot the coyotes before they could eat their kill.   Better to die as an animal among animals than to be slaughtered as a side of beef.  Last week, wolves were spotted on the hills directly overlooking the town.

Run, little brothers,  run and run. There are rabbits in the next valley.


 The City Council was released from the County Jail yesterday evening.  We gave it plenty of cake. The entire Council had all been voted back into office earlier that day.  Now, the town is sending them all on a fact-finding mission to Denmark. Why? Oh, we just feel it’s about time someone checked up on the Danes.


 We ended the day with a demonstration against justice and unity. They are both too noisy, and seem to involve building inspectors and rice cakes,  as well as  too much walking around. The city council suggested “Man why don’t we save ourselves all that aggravation and just have a revolution?”

We settled on an uprising/skirmish,  picked sides and scheduled it for Wednesday.

By midnight, the city council was in jail again.

It leaves for Denmark on Saturday


4 thoughts on “Hard to believe it was only yesterday

  1. H I G H L Y V A L U E D: Y O U R I N P U T

    Does anyone think I’m half as funny as I think I am? In this case, that would translate into submitting screen plays for “dark” cartoons, such as those on Adult Swim. For example, if I studied the characters in South Park, I think I could adapt this to satisfy its aesthetc: the boys are sentenced to serve on the City Council and then sent on a fact-finding mission to Denmark, from which they are swiftly deported.
    National plans to implement 25 pilot programs of the City Council School Disciplinary/Cost Reduction Project are swiftly cancelled.
    Please feel free to be completely honest. It won’t offend me. I’d much rather know what you really think than be praised.
    Thank-you very much,


    1. Ha!Ha! Good point. But maybe it’s not justice that has a bad time in the desert after all. Maybe it’s just the law. And I think you are right when you speculate that it’s supposed to me this way.
      I’m not so sure about seeking a Danish solution, though. After our City Council creates its third international incident within a week, Denmark’s sole communication to the US State Dept will be a cold exchange limited to immediate deportation.
      Nevertheless, the idea of sentencing kids to run for city council instead of expulsion, suspension, or probation is catching on.
      “They have a real knack for kickbacks, they can’t be prosecuted as adults, they’re all terrified of zoning committee meetings and we all stop for pizza and Ho-Hos every two hours,” reported a highly placed city official on condition of anonymity. “Plus, anyone who reports knowledge of fellow employees cheating on city paperwork is nothing but a punk and a dirty snitch.”
      What happens if the young politicians ever become uncontrollable?
      “Easy”, said the official. “We call their parents and get them grounded.”


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