When your work is the truth, how many ways can the world call you a liar before the world is not your home?


14 thoughts on “When your work is the truth, how many ways can the world call you a liar before the world is not your home?

  1. This is incredibly sad and it’s time for people to wake up and realize that we don’t necessarily have a “free press” after all when you can be retaliated against or even set up or even persecuted by the authorities anytime you point out the wicked doings of somebody with a lot of wealth and power.


    1. Yes. I still think of this man, fighting so hard against odds he didn’t realize until too late were impossible. He exposed a lot of CIA crime. I wish I had been there to say “No, don’t go. You are worth all of them”, and found a way to make him stay with us.


  2. I am sad to say that most reporters are content to turn in their copy, cash their paycheck and go home. This guy gave a damn, and when the MSM turned on him, it destroyed him. If he was a blogger, he’s be alive today, not giving a flying rats ass what they said about him.


  3. So, sad to read. That’s some similar of what happened to you Claire. You only did what you are good at doing. Reporting the truth. God bless you and keep you safe.


    1. No disrespect intended, but “God bless you” doesn’t mean anything to me anymore. God’s already blessed me, Rebecca. It’s not his job to keep me safe three years after I took huge risks to save a man’s life. Keeping me safe is a human job, just as protecting Sam was a human job. You who were right there have stood back for three years, remaining silent and leaving me to fight alone.
      Every day, you choose to allow that to continue.
      And every day, you have the free will to make a different choice.


  4. Some would include Aaron Swartz as a journalist in the sense that he actively sought to bring information to the public on a “need to know” basis with an emphasis on the need.

    While some may have sold their souls to live on the corporate plantation, there are many out in the streets fighting to bring speak truth to power such as Alexa O’Brien:


    Must be something about those O’Briens. 🙂


    1. Thank-you so much! It’s been like that bad dream, where you speak and speak and no words come out.
      FYI, the issue is not just about me – far from it. The American people are losing a free press, and exactly when the need for reporters who are bold, ethical, independant thinkers is most desperate


      1. This story has brought me to tears …

        I so agree with you on all counts. Our experience here in Europe is very similar. For several years now I do have the same sensation as if I am in nightmare:
        we are losing free press, too, in fact it has been gone for a while.
        The main weapons are the same here: political corruption, cynical and deceitful media, lies and slander. Anyone with a rational, truthful and human attitude is discredited, while the majority is so brainwashed or aligned with the trend of lies that the overall effect is we are robbed blind.

        Yet, it gives me hope and a sense of meaning to know that there are people like you, who are keeping the truth, reason and real human values alive.

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