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Eléctrica in the Desert


 In what would have been a jaw-dropping display of sheer chutzpah were it not for a surprise gift of immunity from a prominent non-profit two years ago, GateHouse Media chief counsel Polly Sack supplied a sophisticated, global audience with the clearest evidence of simple textbook libel that most reporters will  ever see.

The third of three documents that, together, constitute nothing short of proof,  Sack’s 2010 letter to the New Yorker Magazine also adds the surreal quality of what appear to be  unescessary lies:  GateHouse, which owns about 400 small-to-midsize newspapers and shoppers had essentially been handed immunity by former Reporter’s Committee for a Free Press director Lucy Dalglish, now dean of the U. of Maryland’s J-School.

The GateHouse Get-Out-of Bar-Sanctions-Free Card is Dalglish’s  Feb. 10 statement to the AP, a very deliberate fabrication that denies my truthful description of the corporation’s attempts to force me to name a confidential source…

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