KJ8J0444               IT’S UNANIMOUS / CLAIRE O’BRIEN 2011

The notorious O’Neil-Ortiz brothers came to an unexpected and enthusistic agreement with the widely beloved Hugo Allende-Zapata (center) in declaring today “3,500 hits for Electrica in the Desert Day”. The Triumvirate called for cakes, frutas, pinatas, and a parade. Allende-Zapata inquired about the possibility of more candy, and the O’Neil-Ortiz brothers proposed a snow day, but these efforts did not pass muster with their respective  parents, nor with the National Weather Service.

!UNA NUEVA celebración y es oficial!



  1. Oh! So you were able to display the award by simply copying the page? But they don’t want a comments page displayed. They want the award logo displayed on the front page of your blog.
    Sorry. I’m just stupid. Thats my story and I’m sticking to it! 🙂


    1. Thank-you very much!
      I can’t figure out how to display the logo, though. I was telling this to Acep a few days ago, too. Can you tell me how?
      Thanks again.

      PS The interesting facts you listed are quite amusing!


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