A Major Blockade

DSCF7198Everything has more or less come to a grinding halt over here at Electrica in the Desert. This  increasingly frequent technological nightmare seems to develop  just when I have something profound to say. Nothing ever goes wrong when I little to say. Of course not.

Ah, information technology is a fickle, heartless mistress! I The bards have chronicled the bittersweet angst known to those who have given themselves fully to a back-up disc – only to face a maddening three way browser turf war.

 And to think I practically built SETS  for a couple of upcoming  posts.

I shall quote myself below on the matter, in an attempt to admire my past prose without appearing to actually repeat myself. ** (The quote will come after two stars like this at the very end of the post)


Much more of this and I shall become a Luddite. I’m sure that old tire iron I’ve been lugging around the nation for three years could hold its own in a futile attempt to stem the flood of progress. Lord knows it wouldn’t know a tire if one bounced off its …head.

Please come back and visit very soon. Otherwise, we shall miss you.  Besides my Official Followers (bless you!), the rest of  all you lot (oh, I thought I was British for a second) have given me such a big head that I’ll never be able to negotiate the cognitive adjustment requisite for six readers or, worse, a ghastly three or …two.



** “I tell you, blogging in the trenches can be hell.”   C. O’Brien


5 thoughts on “A Major Blockade

  1. Gee, thanks! I always admire them myself – until I check out Sethsnap’s blog, or Leanne Cole, Canadian Wilderness, etc. That’s when I aspire to intermediate skill status instead. There are so many WP photogs that blow me out of the water!
    But you know, these pix ARE pretty good! Thanks very much for coming by and reminding me. I’ll return the visit soon.


  2. Your photographs are fantastic ! ….plus your writing as always is beautiful and entertaing. The best part is that you tell a story,,,which in the final analysis…is the main goal….Send your stuff to Mother Jones or the Nation.

    Keep up the great work !


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