!VIVA HUGO! Proteja su hermano, Mexico.

Zoominto87614.5  As Calderon strolls away from the blood bath, thanks to a truly shameful invitation from Harvard,  a trickle of  propaganda  from the former Brain Trust makes its modest, but chilling debut: and now, all I can think is “Thank God Chavez won the election! Thank-you, Jesus, Mary and Joseph for Fidel Castro”

Together, they represent the only restraint on unbridaled US aggression in this hemisphere.

Apparently, the US and its respective lackeys are satisfied that trade can  reliably blossom in the midst  of brutal violence – marked by frequent public murder. What I’ve just read indicates an intent to accomodate, rather than engage the drug trade – in exchange for a stable market. Like, “Oh, we’ll just work around you,’

English: Fidel Castro and Camilo Cienfuegos, H...

English: Fidel Castro and Camilo Cienfuegos, Havana, January 8, 1959 Deutsch: Fidel Castro und Camilo Cienfuegos in Havanna, 8. Januar 1959 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I plant to finish writing up and documenting the basis of my contention, and I hope you’ll check back for it tomorrow.


Recent reports of Mexico’s  decling murder rate have been shown to be false. In fact, they’re skyrocketing. Mexico is the most deadly place in the word…yet, you’d never guess it, based on international response. I consider US pressure responsible for that.


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