Is this art? Or is it a drawer?
That bumpy yellow wall – what for?
I guess I was expecting more…
Look! The gum I lost awaits, resplendent:
Now that is what I call transcendent!




5 thoughts on “HEY, IS THIS ART?

  1. Hey, you’re getting funnier than me! No fair. Really, SP, show a little restraint: you’re a great artist and a great poet. Do I have to alert the National Union of Australian Comedians that you are engaging in Unregulated Humor?
    “Deep in the shallowest of ponds!” I’m laughing out loud as I type this.


  2. i get it….sometimes people are uncomfortable with art like this… (and drawers 😉 ) I think its because they are left with a gap in their mind they are asked to use their imagination…. this has more stimulation content than some art though, well in my imagination… i get excited at what the future holds if I was to open the drawer and look inside… why isn’t it shut properly… is there something in there that needs air? ooooh


    1. Wow. I think you give me too much credit (just this once, of course :). Actually, I think I was pretty much being a smart ass. – making fun of Art Theory. And the photo – I thought of it as basically a composition. I sort of hate to admit it – now that you mention my post’s potential depth, I’m starting to think “Yeah, THAT”S what I really meant. I ‘m deep.”
      But I’m pretty sure I was just being a smart ass.
      Oh well. I’ll be deep next time.


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